Beechworth Tourist Guides is a division of Adventure Guides Australia
Adventure Guides Australia (Training Innovations) have been operating in the fields of Corporate Training, Educational Adventure Support, Nature Based Tourism and Adventure Tourism since 1986. As such we are one of the longest operating Adventure providers in NE Victoria / Southern NSW.

During the past 30 plus years we have established ourselves as reliable and safe providers of adventure activities with our Customers, the Land Management Agencies who control the areas on which we operate and also with the various Peak Bodies that represent the industry

Our Organization, although small, provides both advertised and by arrangement activities for a wide range of clients and at locations covering a variety of areas in NSW and VICTORIA. We have also conducted one off Tasks as far away as Queensland and Tasmania.

We are active members of a range of Peak Bodies such as the Camping Association of Victoria, Outdoor Recreation Centre, Australian Camps association and the Tourism Alliance.

We are also one of the four Operators involved in the Adventure Victoria Inbound Tourism project along with
    Watsons Trail rides
   Adventure Rafting
  Australian Adventure Experience
To view this project and our activities see www.adventurevictoria.com.au

Our services are primarily in the active Outdoor Adventure field but we also provide History and Heritage Programmes for Tourism and Schools, (and where required) Lecture Workshop activities to improve the outcomes of Corporate Adventure Programmes.

We are often requested to act as Conference Coordinators to facilitate complete programmes including our services, the services of other Trainers and Operators, Accommodation and Transport.

In General the services we provide are as follows:
   We are developing a retail sales system for adventure equipment based on
o    Our Customer base
o    General Public in areas where we maintain a full time or part time presence such as
        Mt Buffalo, and
        Valley Homestead School Camp.
   We have the following general items in our bulk retail supply
o    Climbing Gear
o    Caving Gear
o    Dagger kayaks and Gear
o    Packs
o    Ropes etc

    >Conference Coordination,
    >Team Building Activities / Lectures / Workshops,
    >Leadership Programmes / Activities / Lectures / Workshops,
    >Adventure Based Team And Initiative activities,
    >Activities For Recreation and Short Breaks,
    >Pre and Post Adventure or Tourism Activities,
    >Famils For Interstate and Overseas Visitors customers,
    >Corporate Incentive Programmes
    >Specific to Requirement Human Resource Training, etc.
    >Outdoor Education Activities
    >Adventure Support for Camps
    >Team Building Activities
    >Leadership and Peer Support Programmes
    > Gold, Local History and Heritage or Interpretive Support
    >Activities for Students With Special Needs
SPECIAL NEEDS GROUPS; We have considerable experience in working with:
    >Young offenders / youth at risk,
    >Short and Long Term Prisoners,
    >Koori Groups,
    >Disabled Participants / Groups,
    >Community Groups,
    >Mature Aged Groups, etc.

We are one of the primary providers of Adventure and Nature Based Tourism in the Bright / Beechworth area of the VICTORIAN HIGH COUNTRY Region of Victoria. Other areas that we operate into include the Buchan area, Caves and Cliffs close to Melbourne and parts of the Great Ocean road.
 We also operate into the Riverina Region of NSW, Wee Jasper caves and other areas of NSW and VICTORIA on occasion.
WE offer both By Arrangement and Advertised Activities and Adventures, the latter at Mt Buffalo most weekends from November to May and School Holidays. (Also in the Alpine National Park and at Beechworth on occasion, call us for a current brochure)
    Our Tourism Activities Include:
    >Abseiling (from Beginners to 300 metre Multi Pitch Abseils),
    >Rock Climbing,
    >Bush walking,
>Canoes and kayaks
    >Cross Country Ski Tuition and Tours,
-Snowshoe shuffles
-Snow Survival
-Snow Camping
>Water based adventures, and
>Gold, Local History and Heritage Activities.
We are currently developing regular adventures at Mt Buffalo and advertised adventures and activities at Beechworth

We hold permits or licenses, or can obtain same as required, for various locations including: (activities shown are the key but not the only possible at each area) Note that we can operate at other locations also!
   Mt Buffalo:
        * Abseiling (10 metres to 300 metres)
        * Granite Boulder Infill Caving
        * Rock Climbing
        * Bush walking
        * Camping
        * Cross Country Ski Touring
  Beechworth Area:
        * Abseiling
        * Rock Climbing
        * Gold Fossicking
        * Aboriginal Art Site Visits
        * Camping
        * Bush walking
Falls Creek, Hotham and Dinner Plain (Alpine National Park)
* Abseiling
* Cross Country Ski Tours

Wee Jasper:
        * Limestone Caving
        * Abseiling
        * Abseiling
Galore reserve: (Near Wagga)
        * Abseiling
        * Limestone Caving, Rock Climbing bushwalking and Abseiling.
Yarra Junction
* Granite Boulder Infill Caving
* Bushwalking
* Granite Boulder Infill Caving
* Bushwalking

Warburton / Yarra Valley
* Canoes or Kayaks   
* Bushwalking
        * Cycling
        * Caving
        *Rock Climbing
        * Abseiling
Mt Macedon, Daylesford, Baccus Marsh, Werribee, Kyneton areas
        * Abseiling
*Rock climbing

Werribee Gorge
    *Rock climbing

Greater Otway National Park

Other locations as required

During over two decades of operation we have provided activities for a wide range of Clients.
    EDUCATIONAL clients include: Public and Primary Schools, TAFEs and Universities
    (We have even been employed to provide a lecturer for the School of Business at Charles
    Sturt University)
    YOUTH GROUPS we have provided support for include various religious and sporting groups, scouts ,     guides and community based organizations.       
    CORPORATE clients have included Private Companies and various Government Departments
Including numerous major Banks, Manufacturing and Retail Organizations both large and small and other Organizations, with many becoming regular clients over the years.
We have coordinated activities for clients such as TELSTRA at both Mt Buffalo and in the Blue Mountains and Queensland, while having worked with organizations such as ROTHSCHILD at Mt Buffalo, Sydney and Daylesford.
SPECIALIST ACTIVITY SUPPORT is provided to a number of Accommodation Houses, and other agencies who can provide other aspects of your Program, examples being;

        >Valley Homestead (Schools and Corporate): 0357522187
        >Howmans Gap Alpine Centre (Schools and Corporate) Phone: 0357583228
        >Mt Buffalo Camping Ground (Tourism, Group, Corporate and Schools) 0357562328
        >Bright Visitor Information Centre (Tourism, Group Adventures Schools): 0357552275     
        >Beechworth Visitors Centre (Tourism, Group Adventures, Schools): 0357283233
        >Latrobe at Beechworth (Tourism, Group, Corporate and Schools: 0357208000