From $110 pp (Minimum fee for four $440.00)

Visit the amazing Mt Pilot (Yeddonba) Art site and hear about how the local aboriginal tribes used the land prior to the arrival of the white man then drive to the hidden Valley and see the cliff top Art Site at its head. Do not expect highly colourful bright art as you may see at other locations this art is ancient and faded but VERY significant.

The Site
The first site is also important as it has a drawing of a Thylacine (Tasmanian Tiger) on the wall, which is extremely rare on mainland Australia. There is also a interpretative walk where we will discuss how the tribe lived and hunted while the second site has significant religious art on its walls. The second site has one of the few dreamtime people drawings in Victoria

TOUR ONE (Half Day)
We drive in convoy from Beechworth to Mt Pilot where we hike to the summit and you will learn how the tribes used this lookout area and the lands that surround it. We will then convoy to the Toveys Road Art site car park. From this location we walk the short distance to the Art Site and after observing the paintings etc we
continue around the Interpretative walk and then back to our vehicles

TOUR TWO (Full Day)

For the full day tour we will start as for the half day tour then drive the short distance to the Hidden Valley where we park our vehicles.

We will walk up the ravine to the top of the Cliffs where there is a wonderful art gallery including “spirit figures” and an aboriginal warrior surrounded by the food and sacred objects that sustained the tribe.  The walk back to the cars along the ridge is through interesting granite rocks and the flora that grows on it.

Level Of Difficulty
TOUR ONE easy - TOUR TWO Moderate

Where to meet
Meet outside the BEECHWORTH Visitors Information Centre Ford St Beechworth at the arranged time

You Need
Your own vehicle (The sites are about 15 Km from Beechworth) some water and comfortable walking shoes or boots.

Bring any personal Medication (Asthma Etc)



For Information or Bookings Contact David
  0419280614 or agati@netc.net.au